Home Improvements

Architectural Advisory Committee (AAC)

All residents and homeowners are reminded that approval is required on most exterior modifications to your home or lot.  When in doubt submit an application.  Most applications are reviewed and decided upon within 1 to 2 weeks.  Commencing a project before approval may result in a $200 fine, so please submit an application allowing enough time for approval.


Please check the guidelines before making modification to the exterior of your home.

Paint Color Pallets

You paint vendor should be able to match the listed colors.  Your paint vendor can differ from the company providing the color pallets.  A professional designer was consulted to have an updated selection of colors.

Modification Applications

Send applications to The Communities of Wellington c/o HMS by fax to 770-667-6315, by email to Kathy.Riccobono@hms-inc.net, or by mail to: TCO Wellington, c/o HMS Inc., P.O. Box 2458, Alpharetta, GA 30023-2458

Do not start your modifications until you have a written approval.

Holiday Decorations

Seasonal decorative lights and decorations must be removed within 10 days of the “celebration” day.


All damaged mailboxes must be replaced immediately with an identical mailbox.  For replacement/vendor information, contact HMS.